Rainy Summer Wedding at the Farmhouse


This couple y'all, they are wholly and completely themselves and I love it. They are loving, thoughtful and FUN and their wedding day mirrored every bit of it.

Alex and Jess got married on a rainy Sunday in May at the Farmhouse in Montgomery, Texas. Something about rainy wedding days makes it so cozy and intimate. Maybe I'm a little biased because we had a little bit of rain on our day too.

For Jess's bouquet, we used some beautiful big blooms. Those peachy stunners are David Austen's Juliet Garden roses, a favorite of mine when the pallet allows. The other main blooms are white peonies (gahh I love them), quicksand roses, and white ranunculus. We played with some fun accents and textures on her bouquet using spirea as a base, sweet peas, tulips, blue delphinium, and of course that pop of blue thistle.

Jess was so incredibly kind throughout the entire process and even on her wedding day. Big fan of these two!! Enjoy some images from the incredibly talented Century Tree Productions. Fun fact, Shannon's husband Joe was our DJ and he killllled it. Highly recommend this powerhouse couple for your wedding!

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