Easy Holiday Snacks That Feel Like Home


Nothing brings back memories of being at home like scents of my favorite foods filling up our place. Smells and taste have this beautiful power to take me back and feel like I’m 10 again. I have distinct memories of playing in the snow then running inside to a fresh batch of Chex mix my mom made— and all seemed right in the world.

These two snacks are simple, delicious, and were a constant treat in the Elliott household. First, the chex mix. I’m convinced that the smell of chex mix baking the oven is a form of self-care. Really, you should try it. And the Rice Krispie treats? Well, eating those should be considered self-care as well.

These snacks are great to take to a holiday party and perfect for tying up in a cute bag and giving as a gift. Or for eating on the couch while watching Christmas movies, either way:)

Browned Butter Rice Krispies Treats

The original rice krispies recipe you can find on the box with a slighhht twist. Browned butter. If you haven’t made a recipe with browned butter before, you should probably get on Pinterest and search for recipes with it. It. Is. Heavenly. And all you have to do it melt the butter for a little bit longer in the pan until you get this nutty, browned, beautiful butter.

Follow this link for the recipe —-> Browned Butter Rice Krispie Treats


Holiday Chex Mix

The number of times I text my mom, “hey can you send me that recipe for….” So enjoy this recipe in the form of a snapshot my mom sent me:)

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