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15 Ways to Save Money Planning Your Wedding

If you are engaged, chances are you've probably had two opposing internal dialogues throughout the wedding planning process.

One side of your brain is saying, "It's my one day to splurge a little, so it's okay if I spend a little on (fill in the blank)."

The other part of you is saying, "Okay, its just one day, do I really need to spend this much on (fill in the blank)?"

I 100% had both thoughts over and over as I planned my wedding so I am in no way judging for either thought process. I'm not here to say you shouldn’t splurge on a photographer for your big day or that you need to skimp on expensive linens— it's YOUR day, and you (and whoever is helping fund your wedding) get to determine what is important to you for your wedding day.

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DIY: Hanging Fern Wall

Hello friends! I hope that whether you are getting back into the swing of school or simply trying to say goodbye to summer, that the transition has been smooth for you. If the transition hasn't been so easy for you, I have good news, FALL IS ONLY 18 DAYS AWAY!!! 

If you know me, you know that I LOVE fall. I can't quite claim that it is my favorite season because I just love so much about all four of them- but, something about fall just makes my heart happy. Blankets and fires and football and yes, pumpkin spice lattes are all around the corner people!

Now back to reality. Today's DIY is brought to you by a recent Bride of mine. She contacted me before the wedding needing a blank wall to be spruced up for the Reception. She sent me some inspiration and asked if I could help her out! 

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