Toothbrush Review + Giveaway

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Okay I have a weird question, have you ever tried brushing your teeth IN the shower? It’s life changing people- a clean feeling like you’ve never felt before. Another question, are you an electric toothbrush kind of gal or guy? Aka has your dentist ever strongly recommended that you start using one? Okay okay, let’s talk about toothbrushes for a minute.

I’m the kind of person who likes to switch up my routines often because I think it will encourage me into better habits. (lol) Likkke, buying a new waterbottle so that I drink more water or a new planner so that I magically become more organized. And honestly, I did the same with toothbrushes so that I would somehow enjoy brushing my teeth. Needless to say, I’ve tried a lot of different toothbrushes ranging from electric to manual at different price points

But you guys, I’m so glad to have found a toothbrush that stopped that endless search for the magic toothbrush that I would look forward to using. I have to tell you about the cariPRO™ Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush. At the same quality but half the price as other electric toothbrushes, the cariPRO™ Ultrasonic by Smile Brilliant has been changing my teeth care game. And I’m really not just saying that, I truly notice a difference. You know that just-left-the-dentist clean feeling? That’s what I’m talking about here.

Before trying out cariPRO, I was using a Quip toothbrush, which I’m sure you’ve seen ads for or at Target. To be honest, that pretty rose gold handle sold me. What can I say, I’m a sucker for aesthetics. And it was a good toothbrush- feeling a little bit like a cross between a manual and an electric, because it did vibrate, but only had one setting and honestly didn’t leave my teeth feeling that clean. What I love about the cariPRO is that it has 5 different settings that all actually feel like they are accomplishing a different task.

Here’s my take on the 5 different settings and what they’ve done for me! Each setting pulses at 30 second increments for the full two minutes to let you know when to move on from each quadrant. Which hello, I need that accountability.

  1. Clean

    1. This setting isn’t joking with it’s task to clean. This is the most intense setting to me and you can really feel it working hard to clean your teeth. The vibration is consistent and strong and you won’t feel that plaque feeling after this.

  2. White

    1. This is the setting I use for everyday cleaning and I love it. It’s effective and high speed and is my saving grace for my coffee drinking habit.

  3. Massage

    1. This setting is great to use occasionally to keep your mouth happy with a gentle vibration. I would always pair this with either clean or white for a little bonus treat for your mouth.

  4. Gum Care

    1. This is so important!!! This setting is a timed pulse for your gum and gumline health that feels a little funny at first but has really improved my gum health.

  5. Sensitive

    1. If you’ve got sensitive teeth, this setting is for you. Gentle yet effective.

I highly recommend this toothbrush if you are looking to swith up your teeth health game. Please let me know if you have any questions about it and I’ll be happy to help answer!

The best news? You have a change to get one fo freeee.

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Cheers to clean teeth!!

xoxo, CW