The Book Everyone Needs To Read


Can I make a book recommendation? But first, can I tell you a story?

I’ve heard it since I was a little girl. God loves me. I’ve repeated it to myself many times, hoping this time, I would finally believe it. God loves me, God loves me. And i believe it now, I really do. But sometimes, most times, I don’t really let it sink in what that means.

The God of the universe loves me. Period. There’s no ifs or buts following that statement. No conditions or qualifiers necessary.

I just finished reading both the book of Hosea out of the Bible and a book called Redeeming Love. If you haven't read one or either, long story short. The book of Hosea illustrates God’s relentless love for the stubborn people of Israel by telling the story of a man named Hosea, who is called to love and marry an unfaithful wife, Gomer. Redeeming Love, is a historical fiction book based off o fthe book of Hosea where a man is called to love and marry a prostitute, Angel even as she turns back to her lifef of sin, time and time again.

As I’m reading this novel, Redeeming Love, I found myself completely enthralled at the story. I forget the analogy as I become emotionally invested in  this narrative. I would read about Angel trying to escape back into her life of sin and pain and I would just want to shake her and look her straight in the eyes and say to her. “GIRL, do you not see how much he loves you?! Do you not see that he wants to give you a full life?? Do you not see that he doesn't care what you’ve done or where you’ve been?? Why do you go back into your life of sin when he is offering you life to the full?! It’s so simple!”

And then I thought. Oh dang. I get it.

That’s me. That’s us.

Do we not see how much He loves us? Do we not see that he wants to give us life to the full? He doesn't care what we’ve done or where we’ve been. He doesn't care that we’ve turned our back and ran the opposite way time and time again. And he doesn't sit idly by and hope we’ll come back to him. He runs after us. He chases us down. He climbs mountains, tears downs walls, destroys lies. Just so that we will turn and come running back into his arms that have been open this whole time. sImply because he loves us. It’s so simple.

“We are broken, but He is faithful. We are rebellious, but He pursues. We stray. We become prideful and forget who He is. But our change doesn’t change Him. He still wants us back. And He comes for us. Oh that we would always be amazed by His all-sufficient grace.

We are more unfaithful than we ever dared believe, but the God of Israel— and of our hearts— is far more faithful than we ever dared hope. Let’s go before our holy God today to thank Him for not giving up on us, even in our darkest moments.” Raechel Myers (She Reads Truth)

Get the book at the link below!

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