Four Corners Farm


I have been blown away by the amount of support and interest that you all have shown us - so again, thank you. A lot of people have been asking what it is exactly that we do, and where the heck does all of this stuff grow? I hear you and hope this serves as a way for you to better understand what The Farmer & I is all about and where we are headed looking at the next few months.

As you probably know, we both have a love for food & flowers. Grant wants to be a farmer, and I want to be a florist- together we plan to one day run our own farm and floral design studio.


Through the kindness of a couple at our church in College Station, Grant got his hands on a couple hundred square feet of land where he has basically been able to try growing whatever he wants. The garden has four square plots, hence the name Four Corners Farm. He has crammed that space full of food and flowers galore. If you've been in my house the past few months, you've probably seen the harvest of that labor with flowers in every room on every table.

As of right now, Grant sells a majority of his produce to a local chef in town that owns a farm-to-table catering company. On weeks where he has extra, we head to the Brazos Valley Farmer's Market where we sell the remainder of the produce. It's a fun time of interacting with the community and getting to know other local vendors. Plus it's a fun time for me to stand alongside Grant and watch him do his thing while he shares his produce with others. There's just something so special about observing someone being in their element and doing what they love unapologetically.

Grant plowing the ground when we first moved to this garden.

Grant plowing the ground when we first moved to this garden.


In May Grant will be graduating from Texas A&M University and moving away from the Promised Land that is College Station, *tears*. Grant will be working as the farm manager on a flower farm in Blanco, TX called Texas Specialty Cut Flowers. It'll be a strange adjustment without him here in College Station, but I am excited for him to make his home in Hill Country while taking steps to following his dream.

I, on the other hand, have another semester left at Texas A&M before graduating in December (how in the world am I old enough for that??). This summer I will be spending some quality time in Fort Worth with my family and doing flowers for some sweet friends' weddings. In the fall I plan to take over the garden Grant has been tending and try my own hand at gardening. Stay tuned for that journey as I take on my first real garden project-- should be entertaining to witness.

In the midst of so much change, this is such a sweet time of learning to trust in the Lord for the future. I don’t know exactly what the future looks like, and frankly I don't want to. I've seen time and time again how the Lord's plans for my life are infinitely better than my own, so I'm just going to leave that up to him. I think we can all use a gentle reminder that God is good and God is for us. I hope you learn to believe that with me.

If you've taken the time to read this post, thanks again for being here and for showing interest in what we love-- you mean the world to us. Feel free to drop us a message through our contact form introducing yourself and sharing with us what you love. We want to hear from ya!

Hope your week is the best one yet!