First of all, welcome. Welcome to the Farmer & I.

This has been a long time coming my friends. I wish I could tell you how many times I've come close to pressing go on this little blog, but instead been paralyzed by fear.

For the longest time, I felt like this blog was incomplete. I felt like my life wasn't perfectely curated to a point that the world would want to see. I felt like my writing wasn't good enough or that my pictures weren't good enough or that this blog would never be good enough to let others read.

All of those thoughts crept up time and time again and stopped me from launching this blog.  Sure this blog is incomplete, but that's kind of representative of us anyways- we're a work in progress. And of course my life doesn't look like a Pinterest board or perfectly-staged Instagram feed, so why try and fake it?

What I don't want is for this blog to be a place where I try and give off the appearance that we have it all together or have a picturesque life, because that is certainly not reality. I want this to be a place where you join alongside us in the crazy, beautiful mess of life and get to know who we genuinely are.

To the people who encouraged me in this dream of mine- thank you. Thank you for cheering me on, showing your excitement, and giving me the confidence to take this leap of faith. You are the reason this blog is a reality.

Now if you've made it this far I'm sure at this point you're probably wondering what this is and what this blog is all about. So let me tell ya:

The Farmer and I is a way for us to share our lives and passions with YOU. We are dreamers and this serves as a place where we can document our journey to following our dreams so that you can join us along the way. We hope to provide you with anything from recipes to seasonal eating guides, to travel experiences, to lessons we learn along the way. Honestly, who knows where this thing will go? I'm just glad you're here.